Transaction Import Does Not Include All “Convert” Transactions

Question for you folks… When I do a transaction export from Coinbase to a CSV file, there appears to be 1 side of each convert transaction missing.

For example, if I converted 1 DAI to .0002 ETH, the CSV file should contain 2 transactions:

1. A transaction to account for the removal of 1 DAI from my DAI balance
2. A transaction to account for the addition of .0002 ETH to my ETH balance

Yet, the CSV file only has the first transaction to remove the 1 DAI, but no second transaction to add the ETH.

Is this an error on the CSV import, or am I missing something here? The reason why I want to use the CSV export is to track my portfolio balance for each coin I hold on Coinbase over time.

Right now, the way the CSV import works is that I would need to manually add the other side of each “convert” transaction, which is suboptimal.

Also, I’m wondering if maybe there’s a way to just export my portfolio balances for each asset. I only need the quantities, so that should be relatively straightforward. Currently I have to manually enter each quantity into a spreadsheet… which I don’t prefer.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

What do you think?

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