Transferring BNB to Nano X

Hi everyone,

I am new to crypto and very new to having a cold storage to store my crypto in. I mainly got my Nano X to store my BNB in instead of in Binance. I was already able to move my Dogecoin into my ledger but the process of transferring BNB seems to be a bit more complicated.


I’ve researched how to do so but all videos on YouTube are old and things may have changed. Are there any recent documents or videos someone can share on how to transfer BNB into my nano x?


Also, it seems Ledger and Metamask are currently experiencing issues? Is that supposed to be fixed soon? I have some BNB sitting in my Metamask wallet that I wanna transfer as well.


Thank you in advance!

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    > how to transfer BNB into my nano x?

    Your BNB will not be in your Nano X.

    You need to understand that your cryptos are not in your ledger. They are on the blockchains, on the Internet.

    The only thing in your ledger is your seed (24 words + optional passphrase), i.e. your master private key that gives you full control of all the accounts derived from this seed.

    To send your BNB to you ledger account, just use the Binance Chain Wallet chrome extension, connected to your ledger, and send the BNB to your account (on the Binance Chain or on the Binance Smart Chain).

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