Clinical trial is really cumbersome and there are inefficient resources to carry out the clinical trials. Most clinical research industries are responsible for the delivery of some medical solutions around the world but on the process they lack sufficient resource to carry out and efficient process in clinical research.
When there is a disease out-brake or a pandemic, there will be need for a steady and efficient supply of vaccines, therapeutics, and other innovative medical solutions and it will be so critical in meeting the society’s current and future medical needs. Never the less, the clinical industry will faces several persistent problems that make clinical trial operations to be so cumbersome and resource-inefficient. The clinical research industries face serious problem, for example;
1). Fragmentation, leading to information and data being scattered across
sites and systems.
2). Lack of oversight which is reported by virtually all
clinical trial professionals.
3). Record keeping failure that may caus significant delays,
costs, and safety risks.
4). Data integrity issues is a growing concern according
to authorities globally.


Blockchain technology is one of the best technology of this era that is causing an exceptional, positive and efficient transmute in some industries/ organization. Most especially in the clinical research industry, Blockchain technology has really caused an amazing innovation in the medical and Clinical research industry. TRIALL is one of the best blockchain platform that is concern about the clinical research industries/trials.
This platform is a game changer by increasing digital and decentralized approach to clinical trials. This platform has provided a solution to all the problems that were earlier mentioned, the TRAILL ECOSYSTEM provides solution to data integrity issue, record keeping failure, lack of over sight and fragmentation, they make sure that clinical research trial is an efficient process.


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