True, Real & Practical Information about ETH Mining (June 30th, 2021) + Other Coins.

This is the Real & Practical information for all who are Crypto Miners and also for all who are Planning to Enter crypto Mining industry.

About Ethereum :

– ETH devs hav implemented FlashBots which will keep a strong control over the ETH fees and Also MEV.

– So i dnt think the Rewards will increase till POS.

– The final rewards after July26th (EIP 1559) will be Just 2 ETH per block.

– And by December 2021 or in 1st quarter of 2022 POS will be implemented…. (unless there is a unforeseen delay)

About RavenCoin:

Also, for people who are planning to Shift to RavenCoin :

There is a HALVING of RavenCoin in January 2022..

The rewards will be cut in half. (from 5000 to 2500). Which means that ROI will increase 2x-3x times.

So please plan your further investments & calculations accordingly.

About Ethereum Classic:

Also, for people who are planning to shift to ETC : Ethereum Classic

The core devs of Ethereum Classic have already started to chane the completely Algorithm of ETH.

They are planning to Shift from Etchash to Sha algorithm.

So in the future, ETC will only be able to mine by ASICS and not by GPU.


I have shared the above information for helping our miners community and also to help people who are planning to enter mining.

Please feel free to add your views, suggestions & opinions.

What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for the bad news.

    Any solution btw?

    Otherwise it’s pointless.

    Would you go to your boss and say oh sorry I mess it up and not giving any solutions.

    There is no value to spread fear which WE ALL KNOW.

    We need a solution, not constant reminder of problems!

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  3. Eth would rank top 1 in the near future. Market is dipping earlier but eth is up by 4% atm. There are so many blockchains build that you can trade your eth too. I heard this low mc gem that will launch a cross chain bridge to eth soon. You can wrapped your eth their and trade. Apy is good btw. Its a high potential one with python blockchain, lots of defis, also has nft art and gaming, lower fess and faster transaction, you can even transact through TG. See and dyor.

  4. Honestly I’m noob when it comes to mining, under a year, but people mined before ETH and will mine after ETH.

    My rigs are “paid off” at current price of ETH, all ETH I mine is not sold, not even electricity costs. Same thing I’ll do with next coin.

    I’ll keep mining even if it’s not absurdly profitable like ETH. It’s just a matter of time until they go up in price. This is marathon not a sprint like many people wants to be. They want it to be **Lambo when? Yesterday…**

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