Trying to understand the hashrate up and down of ethereum?

Can someone point out how this actually works..

Example, 2 days ago my avg hashrate with Ethereum in the ethermine stats area seemed to be an avg of around 0.62 eth / month.

Yesterday it jumped up to 0.72 eth / month.

Today back down to 0.68 or so.

I had been using the etherium profitability calc to see what it “should be”, usually it matches closely.

I guess what im asking is, if the difficulty hasnt changed much, why is the rate of return fluctuating so much, also on that profit. calc page the hash rate value in hasnt fluctuated much either. So what “stat” can be looked at to determine why its up or down?

I thought at first it was the lower usd value of Ethereum the last few days but looking at todays values seems to not be in sync with that idea?

Anyone know how all this works? Im still a slightly new to all this.

I can say that the green reported and avg orange bars on the ethermine pool page were much tighter yesterday (also dont know why this fluctuates so much, i would think my hardware is pretty consistent)


What do you think?

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  1. Yes my hashrate fluctuating. Hard to understand exactly because this is the way algorithm calculates you just make note of your averages. You just need to accept it

  2. I ‘created’ a discord bot to check gas prices and compare with the eth prices. Everything is logged so I can go back and be like, oh yeah thats why I’m making less or making more, but it’s totally not necessary. you can just google eth gas and it will give current info then compare to your estimated shares.

    One cause is alt coins launching on eth and just eth volatility. So I love it when prices decrease a lot because most of the time gas prices always go up, when it decreases, which means more shares for me, making more eth per hour

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