TTCF-Meat is…not back on the menu, but maybe tendies are?

Hi ladies and gents. I have returned from a little time-out from WSB (mods I am reformed, promise) to bring you an insight deep into why TTCF is going to be successful.

Others have already covered all the technical details, kudos to them [](



I’m here to dive into the murky art of “market research.” Uncovering value by figuring out, do people actually like this shit and will it continue to grow? Who are vegans? Why is anyone buying this?

1. Anecdotal research: I asked my Vegan girlfriend to buy some and try it. We live in the Vegan capital of the world, her facebook group has 9,000 vegans in it. When we asked what people thought about the food, people said: it tastes really good (approx. 20 responses, all enthusiastic) and 1 response of “it has wayy too many grams of fat.” The other vegans gave this person crap for being too picky.
2. What is the thesis for plant based food in America? According to sentient media, 3% of US population or 10M people are vegan. But it gets even more interesting when we dive into what percent of the population is now prefering not to eat meat…that has increased by about 10%! Combine a population of tens of millions that HAVE to eat food, with the problem of having very few options geared towards them (minus, just eat carbs and vegetables, which vegetarians and vegans HATE) you can see a market ready for monopolies. Beyond meat is doing great.

Opinion piece; Why has this occured? I think GenZ and millenials have better access to information as they are more internet savvy and likely to seek information. There is a ton of information now about practices in the meat industry (has anyone seen Cowspiracy on netflix? LOL). People are shifting ideas about how they consume, and that is ok. I keep eating meat but I aknowledge alot of science points to the sodium and fat in my red meat will kill me earlier lol. Also animals are being killed for me to eat. I’m ok with that too. Ask your friends though; if they had to kill an animal to eat it, would they? Do people even think about what they are eating when they eat meat?

So i’m taking what I know about millenials & genZ, my GF, and some other vegans/vegetarians I know to decide theres very few plant based options and Tatood Chef seems to be doing really well and gaining mind-share. They are in major retailers and now landed a deal with Kroger. I see a shift in the softness and open mindedness of future generations to reject meat more often, in favor of plant based offerings.

Based on this intuition, I did what any rational person would do and yolo’d 1/3rd of my account into OTM options expiring in Oct. , based on other’s DD and because I believe this product has a future. Maybe others will too.

TLDR: the market, boomers especially, are shorting the shit out of this stock because they don’t think there’s much room for Plant based foods. Our edge is this market looks primed to pop from grassroots support from self-educated youth generations.

Position: 50 x Oct15 25 call


What do you think?

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  1. Fidelity is offering its customers 21.5% interest rates if they loan out their TTCF shares.

    the shorts are going underwater soon, this is actually a good company fundamentally so I don’t see why shorts wouldn’t cover their positions sooner rather than later. especially with all the short squeezes that have been happening this year.

  2. England has a huge plant based market and TTCF is only available here in Costco, which nobody visits


    I’m personally skeptical but shares are probably a safe bet. Please don’t dive in because you saw the word squeeze, this person is using their girlfriend as evidence to buy calls

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