Turning fiat into crypto?

Wyre isn’t available in Texas, ShapeShaft recognizes my new Ledger but refuses to connect (dashboard is opened, wallet is plugged in w/ a new cord, I’ve messaged support, idk what I’m not doing right). I’ve been informed to avoid exchanges like Coinbase Pro and Gemini for privacy reasons? Is there another place I can turn to?

if all else fails, I can buy on shapeshift with the native wallet and send it to my ledger? I definitely want to run into minimum fees though, cutting out that extra transaction would be nice. End goal is to buy ETH and swap it to XMR.


Edit: not gonna lie I have been getting constant Batttery Charger Issue errors, maybe my wallet needs to be swapped out. This cord came in the mail two nights ago :t

What do you think?

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  1. In general exchanges are a good places to exchange fiat for crypto. If by “privacy reasons” you want to avoid KYC there are many other ways to buy crypto, but most come at an added fee. If you want to avoid KYC you can buy through localbitcoins or Binance P2P.

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