TVL measured in ETH

While there is much talk about the Total value locked (TVL) being worth bilions, we should remember that metric is just tied to the overall bull market so It can be missleading to think that people is locking more assets on DeFi rather than the value of those same assets increasing.

60bn dolars TVL today = 24million ETH roughly

30bn dolars TVL as of feb 20th = 15million ETH

Not really a 100% increase but a 62%

Still bullish but its a metric that is worth paying atention as it can really tell you how much crypto value is actually increasing.

Does anybody know of some site to check for TVL measured in ETH?


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  1. Glad it’s being said! The true metric of eth locked is still very bullish, idk why news articles paste over this with dollar value that is clearly not indicative of true sentiment during an extreme bull.

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