UIPath should moon

It’s 2pm, and I’m 4 joints in. Cathie Wood has been buying PATH like crazy. ARKK stock weight changes for the last month:


Short interest has been leaving, and the trajectory of the share being easier to borrow can affect call premium positively for a while.


I am not a trader, but I am a retarded software engineer. UIPath has become a destination for top software engineers who want to work around RPA. They don’t even have a quarter of the market yet, but they raised around $720 mil to go into a hiring hypergrowth period. I strongly believe being able to achieve anything as a software company depends on being able to hire actually decent engineers who usually go to FAANG or some other big tech company. Tbh most of us aren’t going to hold this shit for too long. Cathie can take me to the moon. This shit has massive potential to explode since the big dogs have already sold $800mil of their equity after quiet hold period ended.

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve tried their product, and I’m not sure why anyone would choose them over their much cheaper competitors.

    For the price they quoted me for their software, I could hire 2 entry level employees.

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