Unable to withdraw all of a cryptocurrency; Fluctuating balance on withdrawal screen; not an issue of waiting for deposits to clear

Hey. I have a few times now tried to withdraw all my Bitcoin or Ether from Coinbase pro but run into the same problem each time. On the portfolio screen, it shows I have a specific amount, say, .5 btc. Then I go to the withdrawal page and the available balance continuously fluctuates however many satoshis, say between .45967 and .45678. That available balance continuously fluctuates, making it near impossible to withdraw everything. This is happening before any transaction/gas fees are applied. It is not the USD fiat value that is fluctuating, but the actually amount of crypto. Happens on desktop and mobile. Also, this is not an issue of what my available balance is due to their being recent deposits waiting for the 6 days to clear. These examples are all with no recent deposits, all cleared. I have seen some other Reddit posts about this answered by Coinbase staff but they always say it’s due to the deposit issue, and it’s not in my case. I know other people are experiencing this as well. I saw one user suggest you don’t own the actual amount of crypto, but whatever the is the current equivalent of the amount you paid for the crypto, ie purchased 1 coin for 1k and now the value of 1k of that coin is fluctuating and you have whatever it is at that moment, but that doesn’t make sense either. Again, on the portfolio page, the crypto balance is always consistent, it only fluctuates on the withdrawal page.

Any help for this kinda crazy issue I’ve experienced many times now?

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  2. Why not just withdraw the lowest amount of btc being reported, so for example 0.45? Then you’d have already the largest part. Then you can see what remains and deal with that separately…

  3. I get the same issue on mobile & desktop quite often. Best thing to do as far as I can tell is simply refresh the page right before withdrawing. The problem seems to get worse the longer the page goes un-refreshed.

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