Understanding Blockchain vs. Individual Ledgers

Hey Guys,

I’m just now trying to self-teach blockchain technology to myself and am running into some conceptual roadblocks. I am also somewhat a novice in computer science as well so that may hurt my chances.

When thinking about the blockchain as a ledger, I am not fully understanding the role of individual nodes in this system. Moreso, how does the blockchain represent a mass ledger if individual data of the digital asset is stored in the owner’s personal node/computer. Is this a process where owners individually decide to be on the blockchain so that if they trade their asset, it is stored in the blockchain ledger? Also, does each individual node contain its own ledger that’s considered not a part of the blockchain or is the node simply just clarifying the current owner of that asset?

What do you think?

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  1. In every step, everyone has the same ledger going back to the start of the blockchain. That’s no problem.

    The challenge is: How do you get millions of entities to agree on the next block in the chain? I.e., the next page in the ledger.

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