Unfamiliar withdrawals/”payments” of XRP from gate hub exchange?

My girlfriend was looking over a spreadsheet she downloaded from gate hub, of historical transactions she made in 2017, when she noticed some entries marked as “payments” in the spreadsheet which she did not recognize. She’s seeing multiple entries marked as “payments” with negative numbers in the amount column.

I’ve suggested to her that since she believes “payments” with positive amounts in the amount column are deposits she made, and she seems to be able to find corresponding transfers from her bank which confirm this, ive suggested that the “payments” of negative numbers are most likely withdrawals. But she says she has never withdrawn any xrp from gate hub. Any possible explanations you can think of?

Ive told her that possibly she was hacked, and someone guessed her password, or perhaps gate hub stole the coins, because it seems as though, according to gate hub, the coins were withdrawn from her account, but she maintains she never withdrew any coins or told anyone her password. Anyone have any advice or comment on this? She says its her dads money and I know he’s really been hounding her about it lately, and I really just wish I could help her break it to her dad what happened so she can move on with her life. Right now shes really sad and its breaking my heart. This is really ruining her life, I really want to help her.

One idea she has is to figure out who the payments are made to, so she can piece together what happened, but the spreadsheet doesnt provide any address or any information about the payment.

Any idea what may have happened? Please share anything that comes to mind. I do think its theoretically possible that theres a legitimate explanation for all of this and there was no foul play or theft from hacker or gate hub itself, but I also think its possible there was some type of hacking or nefarious activity that may have occurred.

What do you think?

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  1. I know there was, at some point, a Gatehub hack of some sort. I don’t know the details because it never affected me, but look into exactly what happened and when. It might lead somewhere, or at least provide an explanation.

    Also (possibly related to the above), does she recall ever using an app named “GateHub” back it 2017? Because there [wasn’t an official app at that time]( That fake app could have been an entry point for thieves if she used it.

    Apparently, also in 2017, [there was a problem with websites masquerading as Gatehub as well](

    It sounds like her XRP were stolen, and you’re very unlikely to get them back. But hopefully you can at least be able to explain what might have happened. Good luck.

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