Uniswap airdrop cost over $ 8,000 thanks to new UNI high of around $ 20

Keeping free tokens is a good idea if they are distributed by a popular project, the example of the Uniswap decentralized exchange showed.

Uniswap airdrop its UNI token to early adopters last September. In total, over 127 million UNI was distributed in this way, and each user who interacted with the exchange at least once before September 1 could receive 400 UNI. At the start of trading at a price of about $ 5, many rushed to get rid of the received tokens, because even then an unexpected distribution could bring its participants $ 2,000 from each address. In some cases, there was more than one address, as a result of which the total amount of airdrop for such users reached hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The reward for the patient was several times greater. Today, the UNI price for the first time exceeded the $ 20 level, thanks to which the tokens received on the airdrop can be sold for $ 8,000 already. Some of the holders dropped out during the November pullback and had to settle for 10 times less amount.

“A check with benefits from Uniswap is now worth $ 8,000,” said an analyst at Eljaboom. – We saw a small refusal. If the pullback continues, I see huge support at $ 10-15, where we will add more. UNI turned green on the daily chart. If this pattern persists, wait for the huge green candles. ”

Against this background, UNI capitalization exceeded $ 2.5 billion, and the token itself came to 13th place in the list of the largest crypto assets. Now the decentralized exchange token has a chance to become the first DeFi asset in the top 10 of the market, excluding Chainlink, which has a wider specialization, in full accordance with the changes taking place in the industry over the past year.

The token of the decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch.exchange, which was also distributed through the airdrop, also set its own maximum today. Its price reached $ 5.50, having tripled since the start of trading a month ago.

Notable results this Sunday also show Aave (AAVE), THORChain (RUNE), Bounce (BOT), DODO (DODO), Sushi (SUSHI), Synthetix Network Token (SNX) and some smaller tokens – all within the last day updated all-time highs, confirming the continued interest of users in the DeFi space after last year’s boom. According to CoinGecko estimates, DeFi’s capitalization is now a record $ 51 billion, and the volume of assets fixed in their smart contracts is $ 34 billion.

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