$USELESS [ $5.8M MC] Charting App Beta Applications now open! |The first Hyper-Hyper deflationary token

**Ahh so you’re only just finding out about buy-backs? Well we have been doing that since the start!**

Take a quick look to visually understand our innovative (and first to market) “Pump-N-Burn” mechanic






1. We formed a company: Useless Crypto, LLC.Registered in the USA, all six core team members identified on [](
2. Profits from the company’s sales get directly injected back into the project and are either burnt or injected into the liquidity
3. USELESS Merchandise ([](
4. A user-friendly (!) charting app (**beta applications are now open**) which features:


1. Whale tracking
2. Information pulled from Blockchain NOT CMC or CG – Accurate prices!
3. The ability to chart previously un-chartable contracts and projects
4. Instant buying of $USELESS direct from the app
5. Portfolio Management
6. Smart Contracts which will make us the first Stable LP token with great price action and healthy LP automatically.
7. We recently launched a nice little dApp if pancakeswap is giving you too much of headache ([](
8. And this is where $USELESS comes into play and where the magic happens: We use these profits to buy $USELESS. So new capital comes into the market


This makes $USELESS the world’s first serious hyper-hyper deflationary token. Buybacks are from external BNB, not recycled from internal BNB — like so many other tokens!

So, some more quick facts:We are part of the new “DeFi Alliance”Created by ex-SafeMoon core team member Ragnar, which also includes notable projects such as:

– PiggyBankToken- The Collective Coin-95 % friendly whales* 29 of the top 30 holders came forward and have agreed to support the projectabacus Tokenomics – because why the hell not?! 4 % is added to LP, 4 % is distributed to the holders (incl. burn wallet)

**Useful Links:**

**Contract**: [](

**- Contract owned by multi-signature safe:** [](

**- Chart**: [](

**- Discord:** [](

**- Telegram:** [](

**- Reddit:** [](

**- Twitter:** [](

**- Instagram:** [](

**- Facebook:** [](

We want to bring new innovations to the Defi space and take the speculation factor out of the equation by producing products that make revenue and fill a gap in the crypto space.

#Lets make real life profits decide the success of a project and not purely hype.

Visit []( if you want to know more. I am sure you’ll like the charm and the humour of our website

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