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I am moving country so I’m planning to move my rigs into this room.

Currently it’s in my current home so I need to move it quite quickly, what I wanted to know is how I should ventilate the room, 1 wall is facing outside, there are two openings, one was for the boiler flue and the other is just looks like an old wooden ventiliation opening. In addition to this there is a big duct going out to the room.

It’s not a massive room but I don’t have a massive setup at the moment.

My question is where should the cold air come in and where should it be exhaled. I’ve attached photos and appreciate any help.



[Room ](

[Wall Openings & Old Boiler Flue](

[Ceiling Duct](

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  1. As a general rule you want fresh air coming in lower and hot air going out higher (seeing that hot air rises).

    In this case you may want to consider having a bigger fan draw out the heat… especially if you plan on keeping door closed. You want to make sure hot air leaves the room while fresh air comes into the room.

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