ViacomCBS inc. ( VIAC ), the Spermes of September ; THE GOD OF BUSTING NUTS, best open wide

**Alright fuckers listen up, you’ve heard all about various undervalued companies like CRSR that have got all sorts of potential to grow bigger than Warren B’s Dick looking at all those sick gains. Now there’s a new bad boy at the market : ViacomCBS inc. ( VIAC ),**

Viacom itself is global media and entertainment company, it was founded only 2 years ago in late 2019, and has a number of major properties like the CBS Entertainment Group (consisting of the CBS television network, television stations, and other CBS-branded assets), and even well known us cable tv networks including MTV, Nickelodeon, BET, comedy central and showtime.

They fuckin own SpongeBob guys, this is a no brainer, Mr Krabs is the best god dam business man I’ve ever seen. Anyway, they’ve seen an explosive increase in profits with a recorded net income of just over, well just take a look for yourself :


[sweet goodness](

Now a lotta the plays here are for meme stocks, which although points to increased volatility, has an incredible amount of risk, BUT Viacom is a member of the S&P so even if it does somehow fuck its face on the pavement, it’ll recover eventually. ( that is if you buy and don’t use options )

However I don’t think it will be wiping out any time soon considering its earnings, as they are looking pretty nice. Now let’s take a look at a bit more reliable source ( it’s not the pinnacle of stock advice but it’s sure as shit better then whatever you were gonna pick ) Yahoo Finance which gives some tasty stats


**This mamma jamma is set to increase 27% in just one year based on its earnings alone** and it’s also stated to be undervalued by yahoo if the previous earning reports weren’t enough for you.

Now I can keep going about how this is both a fairly safe and lucrative investment but I bet only the big IQ boys have made it this far so I’ll leave ya my *mentioned sources so you can do all the extra research you would like.

* [](
* [](
* And the website : [](

ALSO, it has an ex dividend date of Sep 14, so if you’re into that kind of stuff you best move that booty. Alas I’m a poor boy so I could only afford 5 stocks but hopefully you can do better. **GODSPEED DICKHEADS.**

What do you think?

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