Warn no validators ?!?

Hello, I followed Somer Esat’s guide for **Pyrmont** and I have this trouble with lighthouse

when I run :

*lighthouse account_manager validator list*

i have :

*Running account manager for* ***mainnet*** *network*

*validator-dir path: “/home/USER/.lighthouse/mainnet/validators”*

*No validator definitions found in “/home/USER/.lighthouse/****mainnet****/validators”: UnableToOpenFile(Os { code: 2, kind: NotFound, message: “No such file or directory” })*


when I run :

*systemctl status lighthousevalidator*

i have

*● lighthousevalidator.service – Lighthouse Validator*

*Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/lighthousevalidator.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)*

*Active: active (running) since Sun 2021-05-09 20:02:44 UTC; 1h 39min ago*

*Main PID: 859 (lighthouse)*

*Tasks: 19 (limit: 38091)*

*Memory: 45.4M*

*CGroup: /system.slice/lighthousevalidator.service*

*└─859 /usr/local/bin/lighthouse validator_client –network pyrmont –datadir /var/lib/lighth>*


*May 09 21:41:49 nuc lighthouse[859]: May 09 21:41:49.001 INFO Connected to beacon node(s) >*

*May 09 21:41:49 nuc lighthouse[859]: May 09 21:41:49.001 INFO* ***No validators present***


Any idea where I want wrong ??

What do you think?

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  1. > Hello, I followed Somer Esat’s guide for **Pyrmont** …

    > *Running account manager for* ***mainnet*** *network* …

    I may be wrong, but I see you trying to run Pyrmont (test net); yet, I also see you trying to run commands for mainnet.

  2. Have you gotten mainnet and pyrmont messed up? I see some folder paths have mainnet and some have pyrmont, double check all these to make sure they really do exist and are pointed at the right things. Also double check permissions

  3. I started on a fresh machine and following Somer’s Pyrmont guide, did I mix with the mainnet guide ?

    I don’t see how I can change that…

    I tried to reimport the key and checked I had the —pyrmont, and i had an error saying it was already imported.

    Any tips how I should start to look for ?

  4. If you used a guide, you probably imported the validators into a different folder than the default one (I.e. not `~/.lighthouse`.

    You need to run the command with the `—datadir` flag pointing to your lighthouse folder (the folder which has a `validators` folder inside it), for example:

    `lighthouse –network pyrmont account validator list –datadir /var/lib/lighthouse`

    I’d also recommend to inspect the log file of the validators using `journalctl -u <validator service>`, if you did everything correctly it will show you the loaded validator pubkeys.

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