Warning: CB Pro address book feature broken when sending XLM

Careful everyone! If you withdraw XLM using a saved address in your CB address book, **the XLM memo will NOT be included in the transaction**, even if it’s in your address book, and even if the CB platform claims it’s included. It will not be in the hash ID, and your withdrawal won’t make it to the intended wallet.

I tested this a few times – I saved an XLM address and memo in the CB address book. Then, I went to withdraw XLM via Coinbase Pro. I selected my saved address & memo from my address book. Coinbase confirmed both address and memo looked good. I confirmed it and sent the funds. But, they never arrived. After checking the transaction hash, I see there was no memo included in the withdrawal.

After the first one didn’t arrive, I double checked my addresses and memo – made sure it was all correct. Then I went to try withdrawing again using the address book – CB Pro gave the green dot giving the OK to my address and memo. But… same thing again.

So then, I tried one more time, this time not using the address book. I copied and pasted the same info from address book, but manually. And this time it worked! My withdrawal made it to the correct wallet.

So it seems the feature is broken when sending XLM. And so I wanted to warn others about it, since XLM is a common way to send funds.


EDIT: An update for those curious — the exchange was able to return my XLM to the “sender”. So that means the tokens went back to Coinbase. Still trying to get CB to return my tokens to my wallet…

What do you think?

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