WARNING Possible SCAM: Random Tokens in BEP20 wallet

Dear fellow mooners, I just wanted to give you guys a headsup: Yesterday I randomly received a small amount of a foreign token (not able to name it here but you’ll know) by

When checking BSC Scan for transactions I could see that the same transaction was conducted to about 10k different wallets from that wallet. When checking a few of them, all of those I checked own SafeMoon.

My assumption is that someone is trying to lure SafeMoon hodlers into buying that token. I don’t know whether this token is legit but after checking their sub I am pretty sure it’s scam due to fake content and user base posting actively seem to be a lot of bots. Not spreading FUD, it’s my honest opinion, you may choose a different one.

Anyhow, at least this cold aquisition of hodlers seems to be a rather shady strategy, so advise anyone new to crypto to act carefully on this.

What do you think?

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  1. No, that is a dusting attack. Either way they send u a link in the memo. If u click it, the link tries to auto connect your wallet on a Website and the scam artists can withdraw money.

    The other use of dusting attacks is to get informations. If u move or sell or, scammers somehow can see the information where it was moved and they can check on BSCScan all the info about you and what amount u hodl.

    They will now check the web for any informations. Example: u have a Cafe and offer payment via crypto and Tag your adress on the homepage.
    The scam artist now knows your name, full adress, email and even your phone number. Now they will target u with personalized phishing attacks per letter, phone or email.

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