Was my USDT stolen?

A few months ago I sent USDT from []( to []( over the BEP chain. I made a mistake in the MEMO field and copied the Deposit Address into the Memo address. Here is the TX ID where you can see the mistake TXID: F07ED799F01F9452005FBE219825848F6E42B4685C7A32D4A94B11AC0B5EDF55


Anyways I sent multiple emails to both sites where they told me to ask the other site. Eventually, []( reached out and had me make a video confirming my identity and the mistake. They then told me they would transfer the funds into my USDT US account.

Well, it’s been about 3 months and they totally ceased contact. I send emails asking for ticket updates and nothing. Does Binance scam like this? Or was I just forgotten? My ticket number was: 186510. Just want to make people aware and maybe solve why they cut off communication.

What do you think?

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  1. You will not be able to recover your funds.

    As far as I know, on the BEP-2 chain, you MUST put the memo correctly otherwise your funds will not be recoverable. Unfortunately since that is the case, your funds are probably not recoverable.

    I’d like to remind EVERYONE that when sending crypto, you need to take a solid 60 SECONDS to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE VERIFY you have put the contents in correctly, because once you hit send and those coins leave your wallet, there is no support team to get them back. They’re gone.

    Blockchains are mostly immutable by design people. Keep that in mind when working. Simple lapses in memory or mistakes like this are costly, as we can see here.

  2. BEP-20 is an Eth chain clone using Binance’s nodes for chain processing. Try that chain. It’s fast, cheap, and does the exact same thing as ethereum. Plus it’s also one address, addresses follow the same format as ethereum so you should be okay.

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