We have disabled withdrawals

Hi all, I am trying to withdraw my Polkadot from binance to another address and I have been informed on the withdrawal page on the app that;

‘We have disabled withdrawals as our systems are currently undergoing maintenance’

Ummm, really? I’m nervous? Any info on this guys and girls? Is this legit or are Binance doing some shady shizzle?

Many thanks!

Edit: I have tried choosing my ETH address and I do not get the same maintenance message, so perhaps this is DOT specific unless anyone else could inform us otherwise. Has anyone seen a message like this before, and have any indication as to how long these maintenances tend to last?

What do you think?

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  1. I understand people panicking,with all exchanges you should move your crypto to wallet if you do not intend to sell within 2 weeks or you are staking .once again banks are trying their hardest to stop you buying crypto becos illegal activities even though fiat is 1000x more into illegal activites,double standard as always ,banks are losing control ,they cannot control what you do with your hard earnt fiat

  2. Same with me with some DOT. I find it happens a lot with Harmony One. It eventually gets sorted after a day or two. But yeah, nothing to worry about, just a pain.

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