We should focus on protecting small investor in a market that lacks regulations

There’s a large number of small investors that lost their entire savings due to recent dips in the cryptocurrency market, or from coins pumps and dumps which would any kind of investor so imagine the impact it would have on small ones.

This is exactly why platforms should work on techniques that would protect both their small and big investors, maintaining a strong and steady community through providing legit project to their members. In my opinion every project supporting platform should have a launchpad not only to help their projects raise capital and find potential investors, but also to set some regulations that would in a way reassure their community members that they won’t lose their money investing in these projects.

Two launchpads that I personally find to be the most community based:

PolyStarter: specialized in Polygon based project development where holders of the $POLR token are given access to see rounds, presales, and public sales of projects through a tier- system launching on their platform.

GPool: a cross chain launchpad that provides no seed investors no whales, 100% of presale tokens, no investment tiers, no pump and dump, and voting rights to all their investors.

What do you think?

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