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We want to thank all of our investors for their continued support and patience. Development is going very well and soon your ETT tokens will be getting used as the fuel for our entire EncryptoTel PBX ecosystem. We want to touch on some key points below:

Distribution is currently 93% complete. We have 7% of tokens still not distributed. A lot of these cases have not yet set a withdraw address. If you have submitted a withdrawal request and still have not received your ETT tokens, contact support ( and we will resolve it ASAP.

As promised by our CEO Roman, we will set a buy-wall of 200k Waves (~1m$ at this moment) between Waves DEX and Tidex ETH ETT market. Investors who want to sell their tokens will able do so at the static ICO price (0.00004700 BTC). This buy-wall will be active for 2 weeks, or until it is depleted, whichever happens first. This should be happening sometime in the middle of the next week. We will notify all one day before that date.

The bonus promised to the EncryptoTel community will be distributed after the buy-wall has run it’s course. We are still finalizing the mechanics of it. We plan to distribute 1% extra from our team reserves as our apology for the long distribution. Full details will be released in the next two weeks.

We really appreciate the efforts of all our Bounty Campaign Members who supported us throughout the ICO and beyond. We plan start bounty distribution at the end of this week. You will receive your rewards right on your addresses that you gave us during registration.

The EncryptoTel team

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