Weird how out of all the cryptos that came and went since 2017 BNB outlasted them all

Had crypto in 2017, bought numerous shitcoins in Binance. If I just bought BNB instead and held all the way since then I would’ve probably been a millionaire by now lol

Just starting to realise the main thing about Crypto is ACTUAL use case and adoption. Out of all the cryptocurrencies I know BNB is the most useful, simply because Binance is the largest crypto exchange, millions of users buying BNB for several different reasons and not just to sell it on to the next person

Just laying down my thoughts on this subreddit lol. I do want to get into BNB again but do you guys think it’s already mooned? Price predictions for EOY?

What do you think?

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  1. Investing in BNB in 2017 was basically a bet that Binance would succeed.

    CZ having a proven Fintech + Computer Science background was a big indicator he was the guy to actually hold the torch.

    I remember in 2017 seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… that there’s a distinct possibility that Binance could become the world’s largest exchange. This was back when it was like #8 or something IIRC. Now it’s bigger than all the top 10 exchanges combined.

  2. Yah- BNB ultimate long term hold- when the crash begins I’ll be flowing into BNB not bitcoin or Eth….then it’ll be cold storage for the winter till the next crypto summer

  3. I think anything that is actually useful is likely to keep a steady value. That’s the only reason any other coin has value. If people stopped using Binance or a better/bigger platform appeared on the horizon maybe then its worth cashing out.

  4. I’ve never understood this thinking, but everyone always likes to talk about “what ifs”. In Crypto hindsight is everything, and it’s such a case of survivor bias. You don’t pay attention to the fact that even popular coins like LINK have been up and down and not straight mooning. You just never know.

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