Welcome To The Avalanche Nekoverse | New Character Just Released | Verified By Rugpull Detection | Sub 400k Marketcap | Less Than 500 Holders | Upcoming ETH/BSC Bridges

The entire Avalanche ecosystem has been pumping hard lately, with everything from defi to meme coins recovering nicely off the lows. The two OG AVAX meme coins (Husky and Neko) have been among the top performers in the entire crypto space recently. Neko has been flying: from around a 15k marketcap just last week to a hair under 400k right now (380k to be exact). With other meme coins being valued in the billions (safemoon, shib), there is plenty of room to run here as AVAX gains wider adoption.

NEKO is the main character of a brand new world, a world of optimism and good luck.

This world – Nekoverse – will grow over time with new characters, stories, and other content. And the dev has delivered thus far, with 2 new characters released in the last 2 weeks. Rebel was born 2 weeks ago, and today we got to meet Square.

Neko essentials


8,888,888,888,888,888 supply. Right now 1 AVAX gets you around 1 trillion Neko tokens so it’s very normie friendly. No inflation, No deflation, No tax.

Reviewed by Rugpull Detective, no whale or liquidity rugpulls possible

Exchanges/ways to buy

Live on Pangolin

Trader Joe


You also can buy directly from the website.






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