Well guys, I’ve held Monero since 2015, I feel so guilty but due to covid in my country, I have to sell.

I got into Monero in 2015 when I realized it did was BTC said it did. I remember I bought something online and I wanted to check how much XMR the person I sent XMR was holding. I couldn’t check, which I thought was a glitch or network error at first… but nope, that’s how it was designed, so I bought some more!

I was hoping to hodl all the way until like 2040 where I could buy a private bunker under a mountain in New Zealand and a vacation home in Japan. Spend my free time drifting cars down Mt Akina haha but as they say, life happens.

I’m currently in Thailand and the people here did a pretty good job despite an extremely unorganized government. Almost got away completely unscathed from COVID. We forgot to account for Murphy’s Law over here, and shit is starting to go from kinda bad, to completely fucked. pop up hospital tents, no vaccines, economy is in the shit, government is like a bunch of 6th graders that can’t make up their mind, etc

I’ve been on 60% salary for about 6 months now. Which is me barely scraping buy…. literally barely each month I have like $15 left over haha kind of funny how fucked it is. 6 months ago we only had like 50 cases per day, now we have thousands and thousands. So it’s probably not going to end anytime soon.

I want to have the diamond hands that I thought I had but damn, I could really use that as a safety net incases I get covid or my company closes or whatever. If the price of XMR crashes, I could be in a really bad spot.

Not sure where this post is going but I feel guilty for selling and I just wanted to make a post and tell someone about it. I’m glad I planted this XMR tree several years ago or who knows what kind of financial situation I could end up in.

Good luck to everyone out there and stay safe.

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  1. You dont have to live up to Any expectations other than your own.
    You are still and will always be a pioneer in this field and you can certainly be proud of the fact that you indeed put your money where you mind is.

    Thx for the ride 💖

    One-love brother!🕉

    Ps. Here’s an open invitation to my New Zealand mountain bunker for the 2040 monero freedom rave 😉

  2. Go ahead and sell, your earned it by doing extra work for others in the past and deferring consumption. Now you need the favor returned. Monero is doing the job it was designed for.

    This is quite literally one of the main functions of money. To save excess productivity from your past to defer consumption for a future time when it is more needed.

  3. Don’t be. You earn it and you can always come back to buy more when your situation gets better. I’m also very cautious rn with all recent events. Let’s just hope our government doesn’t fuck anything up more

    Sincerely, from a thai fellow

  4. Considering its inherent value and scarcity it’s still WAYYY undervalued, you have plenty of time to buy back in on the cheap over time. Best of luck and good on you for holding all this time!

  5. oh yeah that exaggerated flu is fucking things up for everyone.

    if you don’t hold like 1m+ XMR coins then you have nothing to feel guilty about, actually it’s better for the network when hodlers sell because some of this coins may end up actually being used and this gives more value.

  6. For what it’s worth, Covid is the most overhyped phenomenon since Y2K. I’m reasonably healthy and under age 55 and it was just a real disappointment. I did get 2 weeks of paid leave so that was cool.

    Best treatment plan is ice cream at night with Netflix’s. Your welcome.

  7. You should be thankful there aren’t experimental drugs being offered. The tests for convid are used fraudulently, the experimental drug is being studied until 2023. They are hiding the adverse reactions and deaths. What a scam it all is. Just wait until this winter, things are going to get real ugly.

  8. Sorry that things are going so bad where you live. I had a lot of hope that Thailand would keep doing as relatively well as it had.

    Hope you can realize enough gains on sale to meet your needs.

  9. Sorry to here about your circumstances. Fungibility is one of the tenets of cryptocurrency so put it to good use! It may not be like mainstream cash like fiat where you can use freely in daily life, but it is a better monetary store that can still be utilized for situations like this

  10. This could turn into the biggest financial mistake of your life ,the question is if you didn’t have the xmr what would you do ? Or what will you do when/if the money runs out?

    On the other hand I’m not in your position so can’t relate.

  11. For long-term HODLers who believe in Monero (XMR) as a privacy
    coin and are bullish on Monero what are valid reasons to sell your Monero?
    1)    If you need fiat to pay your bills. In this case
    instead of selling all your XMR I’d recommend selling only enough to cover 3 months
    worth of expenses.
    2)    If there were another privacy coin that had a
    better combination of privacy and adoption than XMR. Right now, I think XMR has
    the best combination of privacy and adoption.
    3)    There are other investments you think have potentially
    higher rates of return than XMR. Maybe a private equity deal for example. In this
    case just sell enough XMR to fund the other investment and HODL the rest of
    your XMR.
    4)    You’ve reached a certain goal. For example if XMR/USD has gone up enough that you could sell all your XMR and never have to work again then you might want to sell some or all of your XMR. One good alternative I like in this scenario is to sell half of your XMR. This will drastically reduce the risk of your portfolio and give you money to live on but still leave
    you HODLing enough XMR to have nice profits if the price of XMR continues to go up.

    The keys questions are 1) why are you long XMR? 2) what percentage of your portfolio do you want to be in XMR? (I recommend not going over a 100% allocation, don’t use leverage).

  12. To empty out a bank account to maintain a lifestyle is asking for big trouble when you really need the money. You are working and have your health. Change your lifestyle instead of spending your life savings.

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