$WELL $WLYYF | WELL Health on the move!

Feeling a bit of FOMO here as I have seen this name discussed on here a few times over the last couple months. Looked interesting but never pulled the trigger.

Now I’m drooling at the mouth because I did a bit of a deeper dive as I watch it approach it’s ATH.

Just this year the company has:

– Raised $305M led by the 29th richest man in the world who put $105M in priced above market at $9.80/share

– JP Morgan extended credit line to $300M USD

– RBC Extended credit line to $200M Cad

– Acquiried CRH and MyHealth which is now propelling them into the US market at a rapid pace

– Fenwick & West is engaged for a Q4 2021 NASDAQ IPO

– High level Goldman Sachs MD just left Goldman to join WELL as the VP of Capital markets…

– I mean what is next… Because to me it sounds like the moon.


What is everyone’s thoughts on this one? $WELL $WLYYF

What do you think?

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