WenMoon – Up 4X In <2 Days Still Climbing – Exchange Listing Confirmed On 4/20!! + More Influencers + Billboards + Less than 4,000 Holders – Hop In Before This Thing Really Takes Off

I know you’ve seen WenMoon around by now. **100X’d** in the first 24h. **160X**+ within a few days of launch. The community, the devs, and the roadmap are legit! A handful of early whales dropped price over the week, then up over **4X in less than 2 days**, and now its nearing all time highs with some serious **momentum**. Tired of getting rugged? Here’s a project with less than 4k holders still, that’s been around for just under two weeks, with real momentum poised to pop off and an amazing community behind it! Now is the time to hop in if you’re looking for a legit project with some serious gain potential!

* Hired 3 devs this week working on the first WenMoon Dapp!
* [Audit complete](
* CG and CMC still to come (going to be another pump when it hits)
* Landing multiple [influencers]( per day ([and](
* [Big website]( + [white paper]( overhaul
* [Billboards]( across the US
* And a rockstar community of HODLers
* Less big whales able to kill momentum

πŸš€πŸš€ WenMoon Token πŸš€πŸš€

Telegram Chat: [](

15% tax on transactions is automatically redistributed to holders! Big gains for holders. No quick pump and dumps. Token burn every 100 holders.

Contract Adress: [0xb93ba7DC61ECFced69067151FC00C41cA369A797](

Live Website with info: [](

Listed on pancakeSwap[]( Use 5% Slippage and make ending digits end in 000’s (Ex. 500000, do not do 5130942)

πŸ“ˆChart: [](

Discord: [](

DYOR! See you on the Moon! Diamond Hands! πŸ’Ž

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  1. Ok, you got a chance to sell wenmoon to me. What is it’s point? The white paper says nothing besides “we have tokenomics!”, just like safemoon but at better rates (15 instead of 10%). What’s the point of it?

    Edit: also, overhauling your whitepaper after launching the token doesn’t bode well


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