What is all this money??

Hi guys, my brother recently purchased SLINK on Uniswap using his Coinbase wallet. We’re both new to crypto and are trying to understand these 2 images from his wallet.

Can anyone explain what that USD 931,911,236.97 is in the first picture and what’s going on in the second picture? I’m clueless myself. Is that like a liquidation pool?:


We got all excited thinking he was almost a billionaire 😅😅

EDIT: So I think I figured it out.

It seems to be multiplying his amount of SHIBALINK (slink) by the price of Chainlink (sLink) since they both have the name SLINK.

This reminds me of the case of the guy who saw the wrong balance on Robinhood and committed suicide! Could have given us a heart attack! 😤😤

What do you think?

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  1. The Oracle is likely incorrect. look at how many coins they have then look on coin gecko at what the price is, then times that by how many coins you have and that’s how much you actually have in Fiat.

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