Alrite, first of all, don’t get me wrong, we need volume. It is important for safemoon growth and tokenomic to work well. But What is volume really? Would there be volume If we all hold forever? How do we achieve 24hr 1 billion dollar volume? Can we even get to that? Let’s find out.

In Safemoon, there is no day trading. That’s why there aren’t a lot of volume even during bullish hype period. Safemoon volume depends on how many people holding safemoon. I am not talking about new holders because I want their 10% so I get more reflections. I am looking at 10% sales taxes that everyone kinda forget. Average holders like you and me don’t sell our reflections often. We just let it sit there and we don’t take any profit. I mean there is no profits to take since we got like 1 dollar in 5 days or so. But the point is there is no 10% sales tax right now because nobody takes profit. Except the whales and paperhands. Now whales are very very helpful for safemoon as of right now. They are the one keeping the volume up. They sell their reflections regularly and take profits. They can take profit because they got a lot more reflections than we do. So we get sale taxes from them. If they just hold like us without selling anything, our volume will die down. This is why we need more holders so there will be more people who sell.

Right now, let’s say we have 3 people, u me and someone. You and me are proud diamond hands so we don’t sell shit. But the other guy, he has to sell regularly or he go paperhand cuz of his own person reasons. 3 ppl, (3 x 10%) of buy tax but only 10% of sale taxes thanks to that guy. But let’s say we have 10ppl with the same ratio, now we have 6 or 7 ppl holding and 3 ppl for sure selling. So that is (10 x 10%)buy taxes and (3×10%) sales taxes. Not to mention more buy taxes but we also get 20% more sales taxes than 3 ppl. that is more important because compared that example to where all 10ppl decided to hold. There will be no 30% sales taxes. More time to burn and less reflections. So yes, the paperhands are the real hero here. They might be selling safemoon not cuz they hate it just cuz they really need the money urgent or 20 dollar in monthly reflections might not mean anything to us but they might need it so they sell reflections. Whatever their reason is, they contribute 10% to burn their wallet and us. Well out of that 7ppl left, me and you might sell our positions too if something happens to our life and we really need some money. The point is, the more holders there are, the more chances ppl will sell. And it is very possible that these people will come back as soon as they have their money back. Even paperhands who hate safemoon might change their mind in the future. Hypothetically, if we have a massive amount of holders and even if a few percent of them sell everyday, that could be a very huge volume.

So right now we have around 3 million holders( i don’t know exactly) and we have 12 to 20 million average 24 hr volume during a weak market. So if we have 30 millions holders, we can potentially see around 200 million 24 hr average volume. 300 million holders will give us around 1 billion dollar 24 hr volume. This is just based on volume and holders right now {very very conservative calculations}. Theoretically, the more holders there are, the more chances of people buying and selling so I should have added a lot more daily volume. Also keep in mind that the more holders there are, the bigger the project is and the price will be higher. The higher the price, the more people taking profits, thus more volume. Selling taxes that come from holders is more important than new people coming in with the mindset of holding it forever. Theoretically, if we depend on our reflections on new buyers, it will be more like pyramid schemes and not very healthy for safemoon. Hypothetically, if all 7 billions people on earth own safemoon and there will be no more new buyers, will that be the end of the safemoon? No because that only happens to pyramid schemes and pyramid schemes in nature will fail at one point just cuz there is a limited population. But safemoon is not a pyramid scheme cuz there is a sales tax. We just need more holders with different backgrounds, goals, risk tolerances, etc. so they will be buying and selling at different points.With the upcoming catalysts, when we see a jump in price, or more reflections in general, we as holders should be taking reflections profits for volume. SAFEMOON is not just BUY IN whenever and hold forever, SAFEMOON is BUY IN whenever, TAKE PROFIT REGULARY ( at least reflections), and REPEAT. With the exchange, we might be able to get more holders cuz if you think about it, different coins have different news and catalysts and that will give more reasons for people to buy and sell.

In conclusion, We need more holders who will sell. If we all just hold and never sell our reflections, sure the price might go up but tokenomic and reflections will not work properly. So we need more marketing, more popularity and more paperhands. Thank you whales for keeping the volume steady during these time while normal ppl like me are just holding.

What do you think?

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  1. Good post. So there seems to be a thresholds that we need to pass to trigger lots of daily/weekly reflection selloffs, which in turn creates more volume and so on.

    I myself will sell the reflection at least weekly maybe even daily on high volume days. Makes it easier to track for taxation.

    The current volume on Trust Wallet is so small that not even selling my monthly reflections makes a lot of sense.

    Once SFM gets used as a GAS Coin there might be enough base volume, so that more people want to cash out their reflections.
    So it’s all about growing the user base at this point.

  2. if everyone is holding. then the only thing that will move this thing is if they are able to build an exchange like binance that will use sfm as payment, burn and reflect every transaction. other than that its hard to buy anything using sfm because of the 10% tax

  3. We need more volume but creating artificially by having people sell their reflections wouldn’t help anyone. Things that will make volume increase substantially is real world utility and putting a buy button on the website instead of the current buy and swap method. There needs to be demand for people to buy and use safemoon instead of just people buying in and holding.

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