What will trigger a takeoff?

It’s obvious that we as a community are suffering from fatigue and that we are dividing. So… let us turn our thoughts to brighter days. Please? It’s getting annoying and it’s obviously affecting our ability to buy the dips.

Most of the unhappy people are as such because their expectations were too high. For me, the ElonDoge thing was going on when I bought my Safemoon and I’ve been buying the whole way down. I understand the frustration. I expected some celebrity to tweet and we’d go to the moon overnight. However, thankfully with the help of this sub and some really wise people, I’ve shifted my expectations to the frame that Safemoon is a new billion dollar company full of cool guys who want to make cool stuff and now have the money to do it but it’s not like there is some Safemoon iPhone that’s going to drop tomorrow and shoot us over the moon.

My expectation is that I expect to see responsible, healthy, incremental growth over the next five years from a very impressive team. I indeed plan on selling a small part of my bag on the way up and might even reinvest it if the price plummets. I have only invested what I can stand to lose. Its like placing a bet on the World Cup. The game is not tomorrow, it’s in 1-4 years but there is daily excitement in checking the news for the day to day activity of your team.

So dreaming your little dream, what are you expecting to happen to make the takeoff happen? Is it the Wallet? Will the Simplex buy button open the floodgates to the techless masses? Will the Hard Wallet sales trigger a breakout? Will Safemoon be the token for the exchange and give us crazy burns and reflections?

What are your expectations and what do you plan on doing between the takeoff and the moon? Dream a little dream with me. 🎶

What do you think?

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  1. Being listed on hyobi, coinbase and binance for starters.

    Thats what kicked shiba and doge into overdrive. Before that they were shit coins

    Also going from token to coin

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  3. BTC just finished a”head and shoulder” movement on the week view. This means within the coming days and couple weeks and e shall see more adoption and higher volume. Whackoff should be sending BTC to $36k

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