When providing liquidity in a pool/farm is the APR return based on the $ value of your tokens?

I’m having some confusion about this. Say I’m in an Eth/matic pool on the polygon network with an APR of 100% and I put in $1000 total (50% of eth, 50% matic). If the tokens stay the same and the APR stays the same theoretically I should have my original $1000 worth of tokens as well as another $1000 worth of farm tokens/fees right? I’m in multiple different pools on DEXs and farms and don’t feel like many of them have accurate APRs. Just doing the math on what I should get on a day to day basis rarely checks out. And yes I’m factoring in price changes and fluctuating APRs. I think a lot of these farms have shite APR calculations.

What do you think?

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