When Tokenomics 2.0 and The Gambia Hits

Can I sign a contract that says 1% of my portion of reflections goes specifically to The Gambia holders? Seriously, the notion of a developing country getting to come up on some gains gets me pumped.

In the last SFM Sunday John had to carve out time to do a “what’s in it for me” to existing holders regarding The Gambia. How selfish and self centered can one be to think that way?!

SFM is not only building bridges between block chains. It is building bridges between countries. “When one wins we all win” isn’t about crypto it’s about the human race. Let’s show the world what it looks like when we work together and win together.

Let’s take back the meaning of the 1%. Be the 1% (which is a totally trivial amount that can still make a huge difference) that invests in our fellow humans while investing in crypto and our own futures. This 1% should go to citizen wallets holding and not institutions.

What do you think?

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  1. pog idea, I previously posted about there being a $30USD ($1500 Gambian Dalasi roughly) payment in Safemoon to Gambian adults 21+ if they get the wallet, this would incentivize mass adoption but also be a massive foundation of support for them, their families and community as it would equal to about 30 million USD. Would be a massive undertaking, but the benefits if we pulled it off for Gambia and Safemoon, dear God.

  2. Most of the donated reflections would then be distributed to the richest of the Gamban people with the biggest wallets. Free and equal opportunity among everyone will bring us all up in my opinion.

  3. I get what you are saying, and would be a great feature in the wallet/exchange to take a portion of your reflections and donate them.

    But this should be voluntary and not like all the charity tokens who donate automatically. That said, I would like to “sponsor” someone in gambia, and give a part of my reflections to them

  4. This is a great idea and sentiment however since crypto is anonymous how would you rule out those who need verses those scamming or double dipping? For example other crypto that I shall not name had a promotion where its first x amount of investors would get a certain extra bonus just for being in this first x number of holders. So withing minutes of announcing this people started making wallets with a few dollars in them so they could get multiple freebies. Like thousands of wallets with a few hundred dollars total. That being said how do you know if the money is going to the needy or the greedy? This being said if you want to contribute a percentage of you SFM I think that is great and your a good person but I think contributing to actual projects that can track the money is a better way. Who is to say if you send to individuals the banks and government and such won’t just find a way to take the funds.

  5. This is why I love this community. Great idea mate. Safemoon should really think about this. Giving a x% of your safemoon value/profit to a charity goal. Optional ofc.

  6. I’d say that holders from developing countries should get a specialized resident token. Because they are working with the government, it would be easier to identify residents and come up with a system.

    For example, token stays with name, ID or ssn and you can initialize a wallet with a resident token to receive resident reflections. Token can only be registered to one wallet at a time.

    Citizenship Tokens! ^•^

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