Where/how can I buy BNB Smart Chain for immediate withdrawal/transfer? Having issues. Explained in post.

I need to buy some BNB Smart Chain and withdraw it to my wallet immediately upon purchase. Majority of my current coin is still in my Binance.US wallet with an ACH hold on it, so I can’t withdraw it for several days. The rest is in RobinHood, so I don’t have anything to withdraw/transfer. I have been trying for literally 15 hours to find a way. My debit card is declined on every platform due to it being a “business” account. I’ve contacted their fraud services department and had every platform I have attempted today whitelisted, and still no luck. My personal account attempts secondary authentication with my bank when I run it, and gives me a message to call my bank’s customer service to authorize the transaction. My bank’s customer service doesn’t open until Monday morning. All of my other investment accounts are with Fidelity, so out of luck on buying any coin there. Anyone have any ideas?

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