Where’s the Dev?

Where’s the Dev?



Where’s the dev? Is a telegram community of binance smart chain investors and traders who are trying to find the dev! The dev is M.I.A – whether this is truth, metaphor or marketing is unknown at the moment. What is known is the strange manner in which I, the moderators and admins of “where’s the dev” telegram group were selected to work on this project, and it went as follows: There was a competition for whitelisting for a “mystery token” on bitcoin talk, biz board & satoshi street bets. Instead of the usual process we were asked to submit our wallet addresses first!? We were then told that we would receive messages and be updated through airdropped “dead tokens” with instructions written as their titles and tickers.

The people who followed these instructions (me being one of them) were airdropped bnb / busd rewards for completing tasks …. these tasks i am not permitted to share with you at the moment but will in due time – What I can say is they were wholly unconventional and unlike any sweepwidget or comp I had taken pace in before.

one of these messages came through today …. shortly after, I was sent this entire block of text you’re reading right now from a random telegram account. Once I received the message I was asked to confirm I had copied it, and the account then deleted itself. This message you’ve nearly finished reading was wholly constructed by someone who I can only assume is the dev or part of the dev team, and I have been instructed to release it exactly now.

“Tuesday the Tenth of August , After Noon yet before Dusk GMT”

Join the group if you are interested in “where’s the dev” and want to see the story unfold.

Personal note – this is from me, writing this write now IRl.
Where’s the Dev? Wow!
Lol  😂 by far the weirdest thing I’ve been part of,  jump in the group because there’s alot going to be revealed in the next 48hrs I can’t mention now. Anyone who trades in this space or has an interest in blockchain will appreciate whats going on at “where is the dev”.

There’s also been some speculation that the dev is Josh Harris or works with him, if you don’t know the works of Josh harris take some time to look him up – particularly “we live in public”. I think this will make more sense after a brief understanding of his works , I’m not saying it’s him for sure but it feels like that to me.

Anyway get in now while it’s still early and information is being revealed, you don’t want to miss the plot as it starts to thicken. Things are starting to get interesting & every clue or signal is worth noting down as it could pay off later 💸

Telegram – …

Where’s the Dev?!?

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