While reputation plays a role in both stocks and crypto, but crypto is affected the most. Do you agree?

Whether it is crypto or stocks, both works on the same supply and demand rule.

The major difference is how they are valued.

Stocks, are backed by the big companies and there is a regulatory body who controls the purchase and sell of stocks. They involve physical assets based on company valuation.

Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, aren’t always backed by companies. Some cryptocurrencies are valued based on their functionality, while most of the other are valued based on the hype they create.

Anybody can create cryptocurrency but stocks can only be created by a regulatory body.

While reputation plays a role in both stocks and crypto, but cryptocurrencies are most affected by it and thus are volatile.

It takes years for a company to launch its IPO and thus a stock is heavily regulated, whereas, cryptocurrencies are highly prone to cyber attacks.

If we talk about returns than that are much higher in crypto than in stocks, the key is to invest wisely and HODL.

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