Why a reverse split will never happen.

Just need to get into it, because so many of you on here keep talking about a 100:1 or 1000:1 split when the Blockchain changes Safemoon from Token to Coin.
During a Reverse Split, Market Cap does not change. Volume does not change. Merely the Supply/ Shares get proportionately adjusted within a ratio. Generally, distressed companies utilize a reverse split to stay relevant on larger exchanges. So consider this, read it a few times so it sticks.
Rounded numbers, for your pleasure.
Current Supply is 580,000,000,000,000.
Market Cap is $1,600,000,000
Rounded price is .000003

If the Split was 1000:1,
Supply would become: 580,000,000,000
Market Cap remains $1.6B
**Price would become .003**

Ultimately your SafeMoon bag is still worth the same, sure.
But that’s the problem. **Every 0 we shave with a Split you are denied 10x’ing your investment.**
Further, when the price reaches .003 hell even .0003.. our Volume does not change. Nor the Market Cap.
**We then need to 1000x or 100x our volume, or else our burn and reflections get reduced by 1000x or 100x.**
Surely you acknowledge that this is not how SafeMoon was indented to function. The Gambian Citizens as well as ALL of the additional future countries and entities that will eventually accept SafeMoon will **NOT BENEFIT** from a for-no-reason price hike.
Remember, organically, we can burn to 0 supply in less than 100 days, if we see volumes from $1B to $10B Daily. During the Bull Run this year, Doge traded from 10B-60B Daily Volume. Generally speaking There were more days it was over 15B Volume, than it was under 10B Daily Volume.
So please, stop mentioning a reverse split. It is improbable, non organic, and unnecessary.

What do you think?

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  1. Your coins would still have exactly the same value just two decimal places to the left. You don’t seem to understand how it works. Instead of the goal being 0.01 it would become 1. It wouldn’t slow things down at all or change what would be x100.

  2. Denied 10x? Not true. You literally said it yourself, price and supply changes, but market cap doesn’t. After whatever split happens 10:1, 100:1, not only the circulating supply but even our holdings will be cut and readjusted to the new higher price. We still have the same amount if the market cap stays the same. You all think just because it was ‘cheaper’ and has more zeroes means it’s easier to cut zeroes and x more. Are you sure about that? Getting from $0.000001 to $0.00001 could be the same difficulty as getting from $1 to $10 after the readjusted values. Go figure why there are coins that have much higher prices than us despite being nowhere close to our market cap simply because of having a lower supply pool.

    There is no ‘cheap’ coin or token based of their ptices. Only low market cap or high market cap. Getting in before the market cap is high means you will profit.

  3. A “reverse split” will accellerate the jump in SFM’s price. Initially post split, the price in theory will be equal, but the potential to reach multi dollars or even multi-hundreds of dollars is highly realistic if the supply is lower. Post split, we can start dreaming of hitting 1000’s sooner than later. Without a split, we cant even imagine of reaching multi-dollar price points. Lower supply is a good thing for price appreciation. As much as possibly can afford, my mindset is to keep adding in anticipation of a potential “reverse split”.

  4. Don’t t compare stock market to crypto.. two different markets with different rules. IF this happens and IF that happens then this could happen… please enough with trying to analyze what could happen in the future.. no one knows because right now crypto is the most unstable environment right now. I hope SFM can fix that but time will tell. I’m excited for this project to get going and see where it takes us !!! Good luck all

  5. I could tell a million of things why what you said doesn’t make sense. But I won’t (I am not in a mood to explain you why you are wrong).

    The only thing I will tell you are wrong and why is “split will never happen”. This was already said MULTIPLE TIMES by the dev team that it a possibility just for aesthetic purposes…

  6. We don’t need any Reverse split or whatever it’s named

    Imagine Safemoon gets accepted in whole Africa (more than 1.3Billion people) and even if only 10% people (130 Million) would daily use SafeMoon at 1$/person trade we would see 1T in less than a year. Now add also other continents and people with bigger bags adding even more daily volume.

    Dogecoin does not have a supply cap and has currently 130 Billion Supply at $0,17 per Doge!

    If SafeMoon will become blockchain platform like Ethereum is now why ETH dosen’t have price issue at no set max supply cap? and adding yearly up to 18 Million ETHs to current 130 Million Supply!


    Supply dosen’t make price of a coin or token! Usage/FOMO,Musk, etc… are.

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  8. Thanks for the post. It’s refreshing to see something else other than the ridiculous Safemoon Millionaire Loading bullshit. I’m a hodler -and for long- but when you compare posts in other reddits for Cardano, Ethereum or VET, you see the difference of people that understand (at least minimally) crypto and the new pile of wishful thinkers without a grasp of reality. SM TO THE MOON (but please you all be a bit serious.)

Love you all 😎

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