Why Ethereum use Solidity?

Hi, I’m new here and trying to learn as much about the platform as I can.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people saying how hard is it to use Solidity, and I saw a video from Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) talking about the Ethereum dev community is only a small amount of all developers community ([]( So I’m wondering:

– If it is so difficult to develop in Solidity, there must be some benefits that the language designers design it that way. My question is, what the benefits are?

– I’m aware that it’s said to be Turing-complete. What does it really mean, and does a Turing-complete language really bring any differences to your applications in terms of business?

– I’m a dev myself, so I know that learning programming is not that difficult or time-consuming, but writing a production-level application requires a certain amount of language maturity. Then is it mature enough? If not, then what’re the problems that the language is experiencing?

– My take on the video clip above is that the men are trashing the language (saying it’s only a prototype). What they are trying to achieve is to allow mainstream developers like Java or JavaScript dev also to build blockchain apps. I think it’s great for the crypto community, but is it a threat to Solidity?


Thank you !

What do you think?

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  1. The Ethereum developer ecosystem is actually one of the biggest and best supported in the blockchain world. That’s coming from someone who looked into—but hasn’t developed on—it. I have also looked into developing on Tendermint (Cosmos) and Algorand.

    There is a certain irony in the criticism from the video you mentioned, since (by most accounts) it is more difficult to get into Cardano development: Haskell isn’t commonly used, and their Plutus is based on it. There is only now a drive towards accommodating multiple languages—but Algorand already has that, and the stellar documentation to boot. And they are also interested in Ethereum compatibility (amongst bigger goals).

    Point being: take any information from the Cardano sphere with a grain of salt. Their goals are commendable: their approach leaves much to be desired.

  2. It helps to look at it from a historical perspective. When Ethereum was introduced, Bitcoin was pretty much the only game in town. Bitcoin and blockchain got people excited about all the things you could do with decentralized apps. The problem was, there was no programming language associated with Bitcoin. If you wanted to set up something like a file sharing app, you had to do it by manipulating the transaction IDs in a Bitcoin transaction. Possible to do, sure, but annoying as hell.

    Then Vitalik introduced Ethereum:
    It brought a Turing-complete programming language, Solidity, to blockchain. This is essentially computer science lingo for saying that you could program it to do whatever you want. Turing-complete doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an easy to use language, however. It just means you can program it. A Turing incomplete language would be one in which there are certain things that are just impossible to do from a logic standpoint.

    Ethereum came with Solidity, which is its native language and why it is used for Ethereum. Other blockchain projects such as Cardano have introduced alternatives as well, but (for now) if you’re developing on the Ethereum blockchain, you have to use its native language.

  3. Solidity is honestly fairly easy to use, its slimmed down C++, so its syntax and keywords take like 2 weeks to learn, but a lifetime to master for maximal gas efficiency and security. I wouldn’t listen to Cardano given they’re using Haskell for smart contract, which for most devs will be learning a new language, nothing too bad about it, but to say Haskell beats Solidity is a stretch

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