Why people says it’s nearly impossible to buy on trust wallet for iOS? Why people give up when Binance don’t verify em? There is solutions for everything and you don’t need to be a genius to figure it out.

You can still buy on pancakeswap even if you have iOS. You just have to go on your safari and get to pancakeswap from there. To connect your wallet you have to click on the generic connect wallet button instead of clicking on the trustwallet icon directly. You just have to click the wallet button that gives you the list of wallets and chose trust wallet from there. Problem solved.
You can’t get Bnb on Binance becuase you don’t have a Binance account or you haven’t been verified yet? Go on Kucoin exchange, make a profile in 10 minutes and get Bnb there. They don’t take your card? Get cashapp and buy btc there then send it to Kucoin and trade it for bnb. Cashapp is not available in your country? Get Coinbase or Like there is a million ways of doing this and all the instructions are on YouTube , Reddit etc .. which information to trust? There is likes and comments, there is karma points there is a million ways to check if an information you’re receiving is correct. Sometimes people says DYOR and they really don’t mean become an hacker or a computer crypto genius. All the infos are out there and there is a million ways to figure out how to get Bnb, safemoon etc no matter where you are or what your device is. My advise is if you want to get into the crypto world is to learn at least this basic stuff. Getting Bnb and getting safemoon is really not that hard.

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  1. Yeah, or buy from cb then send to Binance.US and swap to Bnb, then send to trust. I don’t think you even have to verify on binance if you don’t link a payment method but could be wrong.

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