This DD is using Elliot’s Wave Theory.

In Elliot’s Wave Theory the following rules must hold true for it to remain valid.

The bottom of wave 2 does not retrace more than 61.8% of the gains from wave 1Wave 3 is the largest and most powerful wave which often extends wave one by a ratio of 1.618:1Wave 4 typically retraces less than 38.2% of wave 3

If these hold true, my prediction is that wave 2 bearish trend will reverse at $11.8. Wave 3 will reach $18.56 which is in line with several analyst predictions that the medium target price is 18.3-18.6.

and a correction wave 4 will drop to 17.28. After which there will be one more bullish wave 5 before a long-term trend reversal (bearish).

Not financial advice, but I imagine the price for Wish will hit a high of 18.56 near the 16th of July (or sooner) and will have one more peak soon after before correcting.

More info on Elliot Wave Theory: [Link](

Edit: Obligatory I’m a stupid ape, I like colorful lines, and I like the name Elliot.

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  1. This has two graphs including one named after a guy. Big DD Energy based on those factors alone. But then, in the analysis we see LOTS of numbers with decimals. As we all know, that means the numbers are accurate and “tight”.

  2. I’m never selling. Either I go broke or I’m rich. Don’t matter. Money is money. But I’d definitely like to buy a nice Rolex. Come WISH let’s pop off!!

  3. Thanks for the analysis. I also am an elliiotician ape. In my analysis, if we do a retrace to 50% fib which is 11.35, then wave 3 peaks at 23.74 which is a 161.8% extension.

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