Withdraw from contract exact amount of ether

I know, it’s a noob question, but I’ve failed to google solution. Suppose I have a contract:

contract mycontract {
constructor() payable {}

function withdraw(uint256 amount) public {
// either
// or
(bool success, ) ={value: amount}(“”);
require(success, “Transfer failed.”);

When I call `withdraw(100000000000000)`, I got my ether balance increased by 99999999973576 or so wei instead of 100000000000000. Is it because of transaction cost? How can I fix this function to receive exactly 100000000000000 wei?

What do you think?

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  1. From what I remember, I think there is a fixed limit of 2300 gas for .send() and .transfer() calls. .call() has a settable limit. So that will get deducted from the amount you are sending.

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