Working on creating a trading binder for NFTs,

I just wanted to share my project and gather some feedback on its progress so far. The idea is to have a place to both view your own NFTs as well as share them with the world. It is meant to be almost like a trading binder for NFTs.

The early version is live here: [](

The front end is React, the backend is Python Graqhql, both hosted on AWS.

The frontend code can be found here: [](

The backend code can be found here: [](

Features I know I am going to add in the future:

-Ranking algorithm, currently the main page simply ranks them in order added. The algorithm will likely be something along the lines of (amount of interaction) + base score – (exponential time decay)

-Pages for both NFT and wallet addresses.<address> or<address> will work and enable easy sharing

-Automatic refresh of the ‘Latest NFTs’ page, currently it is run by a manual script

-Engagement tracking for each NFT submitted to the beacon binder front page

-Eventually links to an auction site to buy NFTs you see on the front page

I welcome all feedback and suggestions as I try and improve the site and get it to a releasable state

What do you think?

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