Wrong Daily Average BNB Balance

I need some help understanding how the average is currently calculated.

According to Binance support ([]( all accounts should count towards that average. I currently hold 10 BNB in the Vault, yet my Binance Card average is somewhere around 9.1, and, by the looks of it, it’s slightly decreasing every day.

I used to hold a higher balance, and my average was > 10, but since May I’ve only kept those 10 BNB. I don’t exactly know when it went below 10, but according to that page and everything I’ve found, my average should be, at the very least, 10.

I have tried contacting the support but I have been going in circles with the representative, having to explain the situation multiple times and even having to point them to the support page to avoid getting dismissed. They even told me at a point that only spot wallet counted, contradicting their own support page.

They escalated the issue to a “specialist”, but since it says it will take 12-24h (which I suspect will be more), I’m asking in case someone knows what’s going on. (Case ID #75944693, just in case a mod happens to see this)


Thank you all!

What do you think?

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