WSB DApp developed by Apes🐡! Decentralized application that brings ETFs to crypto! πŸ“Š Everything great about DeFi united under single project! πŸ’΅

# πŸ™ˆ What is WSB DApp?

* Community-owned and operated **decentralized version of WallStreetBets.**
* WSB DAO was created to openly encourage the **free flow of public information and opinion into actionable results.**
* So that anyone, everywhere can **YOLO** together as one.
* Introducing the **Wall Street Bets ETP** (Exchange Traded Portfolio)β„’ – not like your parents ETFs.
* These are 100% blockchain assets traded 24/7, t0, borderless, self-custodial, instantly redeemable, liquid, and completely fungible.

**Fore more detailed information on how the WSB DApp works view πŸ“‹**[**Litepaper**](

# πŸ™‰ Tokenomics

* **10%** πŸ”Έ Developement (Vested)
* **10%** πŸ”Έ Team (Vested)
* **15%** πŸ”Έ Treasury
* **15%** πŸ”Έ Private Sale (Vested)
* **7.5%** πŸ”Έ Public Sale
* **2.5** πŸ”Έ Airdrop Contest
* **20%** πŸ”Έ Initial BSC Liquidity
* **10%** πŸ”Έ Marketing (Vested)
* **10%** πŸ”Έ Liquidity Mining

**Partner(s):** PancakeSwap; InnovationTheory; BlockChainLabs;

**Auditor(s):** RD Auditors;

# πŸ™Š Decentralized App

The WSB movement for financial democracy started on Reddit and became a global phenomenon. This is why (we, the apes) created a Decentralized Application to give our community a tool to voice their opinions as retail investors.

WSB DApp solves the FEES and MARKET MANIPULATION problem that have solely benefited centralized financial institutions for the past 100 Years.

* **Always Open** πŸ”Ή Borderless trading, 24/7, 365 days a year
* **Worldwide** πŸ”Ή Access to international markets from anywhere in the world
* **Direct Market** πŸ”Ή No broker fees or account needed

*Fore more information about the project view information below*πŸ‘‡

πŸ₯ž **PancakeSwap:**

πŸ“° **Medium:**

**πŸ“ Contract:** 0x22168882276e5d5e1da694343b41dd7726eeb288

🌐[Website]( | πŸ’¬[Telegram]( | πŸ•ŠοΈ[Twitter]( | πŸ“Ή[YouTube](

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