Wyre ACH Now Available

I haven’t logged into my Ledger in awhile, I logged in and update everything and noticed Ledger now offers Wyre ACH transfers directly into my BTC account. This is a good start and long over due. KYC took less than 5min and supper easy that included connecting my legacy bank.

Ledger I always loved you and defended you but you’d slipped a little and today I am excited for you again. After Kraken started accepting ACH as other exchanges I stopped using my Ledger except for ADA connection with Daedalus.

I transferred $100.00 my cost was 0.74 That’s not bad and a lot better than most other exchanges. I haven’t swapped using Ledger Live so I can’t report on those fees as of yet. Only two option for purchase: Bitcoin; Etherium. Hopefully others will come available making swapping unnecessary cost. We need this France 🇫🇷!

Please save your hate speech people I won’t respond to immaturity and I asked others to ignore it as well.

What do you think?

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