Y’all seen what happened with YouTube’s DOGEfather and his crypto he made recently?

I loosely follow Upshod (affectionately nicknamed the DOGE-father *before* Elon claimed the title) and noticed a radio silence from him on my YouTube feed. What I found out is a bit of a bummer..

I’m trying to get thru a video from him explaining the situation that happened, it’s kinda sad to watch tbh…

Long story short, there was a massive rug pull with his UpCoin currency that he and some developers made. (the price slowly crept up and then took a heeeaavy dive all at once, for those that don’t know the terminology) I have mixed feelings about it all tbh.. Sucks to see the head of a sub part of the DOGE community lead people into the jaws of that kinda trap, but he did always warn everyone to be careful what they invest and where.. this is the nubile world of crypto I suppose, interesting story at the least.

[Here’s the clip I’m watching.](

What do you think?

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  1. So he invested his own money …for server, domain …? like $100 maximum? sorry, he shouldnt have started any it related project then…this expenses are super low at the beginning for a project like this!

    Haven’t followed his coin because i go with the good stuff, but i know some small coin projects like evox and the devs also have costs, but they handle it very good and are fully into it – not like upshod. …a new coin can always fade out, but not like this. this upshod is without honor

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