Yet another case unresolved. Support has gone silent.

On June 28th I deposited money into my coinbase pro account. There was no purchasing of any crypto. I made an attempt to withdraw this money back to my bank account and was met with an error message. Since then, I opened a case through the web support portal (Case #06750786). I was originally met with quick response but the issue since been unresolved. July 21st I was the last contact I had by anyone. I have periodically responded to the email for updates but there has not been any response. I have since created a Twitter account as it seems like there is activity on there. I posted an inquiry to their Twitter account and received a response from an unverified account claiming to be a customer support member [@coinbase_mach](
They claim to offer support and provide a link to follow which sure looks like a [phishing scam]( to me. They claim I must file a complaint through this link in order to help me even though I have an open case already.

Scammers are rampant. /u/Ticketnumber42 (3 hr old acct) and /u/Tickethelp45 (12 min old acct) just messaged me and told me to contact “support” through [this]( link.

What do you think?

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