Yet another reason to switch to the SafeMoon Wallet

Trust Wallet has upped its minimum purchase from $50 to $150 which further raises the difficulty for people to invest in crypto.

It’s hard enough to convince people to invest there first $50 and after fees and swaps only getting $35 worth of SafeMoon, how are we supposed to get people to drop $150 now? The answer is the SafeMoon Wallet, once we can finally buy with the click of a button everything will be a lot easier, hopefully there is no minimum purchase amazing either, it’s easier to convince someone to try investing $10 rather than $50.

Trust Wallet doesn’t know it yet but both simplex and moon pay will be losing out on a lot of money from smaller investors by raising the barrier of entry.

I’m just ready for the SafeMoon wallet!

What do you think?

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  1. Yea I just noticed this as well I was about to make a few purchases but now I’m going to hold off until the wallet it out. Complete b.s. imo. Oh well trust wallets loss 🤷‍♂️

  2. Easy.. tell them look.. it’s a small start but add as you can build your bag up. Only invest what you can afford to lose..

    The amounts you are talking about are tiny anyways..

    With that said, it doesn’t mean those transactions aren’t meaningful to Safemoon bc they most definitely are. Small hodlers are just as important and needed as big hodlers.

    However, with those amounts stated in the post, I’d say they really don’t have too much to invest at any given amount of time.

    Now that obviously does affect money being able to come in bc a little is better than nothing at all. And the post is regarding the bump from 50-150 but either way.. you’re still talking millions of Safemoon just off a purchase of $35ish after fees, a little patience will make that small investor a much wealthy person if they could just hodl until all the projects are met on the road map.

  3. Will they explain how to get our safemoon from trust wallet to the safemoon wallet. It was so hard for me to learn how to do the whole process of buying safemoon. Idk how to even sell it (not that I want to)

  4. I found Simplex is a daylight robbery especially when buying BNB, Moonpay works out cheaper to buy Eth on when the gas fees are high.

    But other way they should only be the last resort, I would never use other regularly.

    NFA 💎👐🦍

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