You probably don’t own any DOGE.

Most of you are on RobinHood. If so, you don’t own any DOGE. In fact, you are speculating on DOGE at the expense of people who actually own DOGE. Your purchase is more likely to negatively impact the price action of DOGE than positively.

In fact, even if you do hold DOGE, any that you hold on any exchange instead of a wallet is most likely a negative and not a positive to the price of DOGE.

If you hold DOGE on an exchange, you can increase the price of DOGE right now without spending a penny. Put it into a non-custodial wallet like Exodus. Just protect your keys.

Reducing the supply held on exchanges is more than anything what increases the price of DOGE.

What do you think?

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  1. Everyone is waiting for Robinhood to make a wallet but it’s not coming soon enough. I’m just switching over the old school way than waiting especially now that it’s a steady number before jump.

  2. **tuning giant knob on old schooly radio set**

    The Kaiser has declared martial law. We shall now all follow edicts from the giant head. No papers no passage. Charlie Chaplin is a communist spy sent to destroy your freedom to invest as you wish!!! Fear Kilroy. Deny reality. Speak in tongues and never open your eyes…


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